Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024
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Are you still making photocopies of your NYSC biodata and then submitting it at Rector’s Block and Your school Open registrar? Submit No More!

It’s time for you to be more smart and avoid delay on your NYSC journey.

As a newly Graduated student, you should find it exciting to quickly embark on your National Youth Service Corps Journey early enough for you to focus on other areas of your life.

To be eligible for NYSC, your name must appear on both your school’s graduation list and the Senate list (NYSC mobilization list). This is a prerequisite for registering for NYSC when the portal opens. In other words, your name must be on both lists to participate in the program.

Due to the delayed upload and approval of results in various departments at Auchi Polytechnic, the school has modified its policy on updating the names of graduating students. This change aims to exclude students who have already seen their results from being included in the list of graduands, pending the completion of the results upload process.

The upload of names to the graduation list has become a major bottleneck. Despite submitting photocopies of their biodata to their department’s open registrar and the office at Rector’s Block, many students who received their results months ago are still waiting to be added to the graduation list, causing frustration and delay in their NYSC application process.

In an effort to resolve this issue, I visited the NYSC office at Auchi Polytechnic and had a brief conversation with the officer responsible for uploading names to the graduation list. This conversation shed light on the reasons behind the delay, which I had previously mentioned, and helped me understand the necessity of the issue at hand.

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For those who have seen their results and previously submitted physical copies of their biodata to the Rector’s Block and departmental open registrar, the solution is to re-submit their biodata online using the link provided by the school’s NYSC office ( https://portal.auchipoly.edu.ng/nysc/graduates/ ). This will help to resolve the issue and ensure their names are uploaded to the graduation list.

If you experience difficulties accessing the link, such as an error message indicating an invalid matric number, you will need to visit the school’s NYSC office in person to resolve the issue. Please note that you must have obtained your statement of result beforehand, as this is a prerequisite for the school officer to assist you.

If you are far from school you can contact the NYSC office via email ( info_nysc@auchipoly.edu.ng )or contact number (+234 703 047 9558)

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  • If I click the link to resubmit my files, will my name be included in the senate list?

    Yes… That’s if your name didn’t show invalid matric number and you were able to submit your information.


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