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My name is
Masud Umoru, I’m a Content Creator. How I started is one amazing story to tell
and I hope you find it Interesting.

About a
year ago I was briefed about a Nigerian Legend who was seen to be the first
Blogger and Content Creator in Nigeria. Her story is more fascinating than mine
but the good thing here is she’s my teacher and my mentor.  I think that sounds weird, huh??.

With the
above description and photo anyone can guess this right that my teacher and
mentor who I learnt blogging from is no other person but the Legendary writer
Linda Ikeji. Wow! interesting..

The first
question anyone who read this would ask is “Have You Meet this woman or Legend?” here’s my answer:

I have
never met Linda Ikeji, we’ve never communicated and I don’t really know much
about her because all I knew was what a friend told me and I sometimes discuss
about her with my siblings. What moved me in her story was her confidence and
determination to achieve her goal which she eventually did with little help
from some friends. It was really heroic and I called her a superwoman for that

Now you
would like to ask:

How did she teach you about blogging without connecting with

She taught
me all about blogging unknowingly. Moved by her story, I created my first blog
and started my training with the same hosting service she used “Blogger”. For
more than eight months I kept working on my free hosting blog site and as I
create contents I check to compare both blog sites to know exactly what I was
missing. I jot down all the difference in appearance and I made research on how
she got them in place. The more I did this I expanded my knowledge and this way
she taught me how to design a website/blog but that’s not the only thing I



What else did you learn from her indirectly?

  • ·      
    She taught me consistency
  • ·      
    She taught me accuracy/speed
  • ·      
    She taught me Originality


How did you learn these three things from her?

For consistency

Linda Ikeji
publish more than 50 articles daily. That’s what we call consistency bro!

For accuracy and speed

through her blog post everyone could tell how accurate she is. Her post
completely narrates the said event in the correct manner. She give full details
of the said story according to reports, she is indeed accurate and her articles
are being posted at prompt.


All her
blog posts are original content. Most bloggers in Nigeria republish news from
her media. She has grown so well in it, being a Legend you can’t expect less.


With the
whole answered question on this Article I hope you now see how possible it is
to learn from someone you haven’t met, someone I loved to meet but may never
have the opportunity to meet and yet she got to teach me indirectly. Learning
through this means wasn’t easy at all and I still do have a lot to learn and
would like a reply from a legend that I learnt from [who taught me about


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My name is Masud Umoru, a passionate blogger and the driving force behind Brucasblog. I am deeply committed to researching the most sought-after topics on the web and transforming them into engaging, informative, and easy-to-read content. With a strong dedication to helping our readers stay updated and well-informed, I ensure that Brucasblog provides the best reading experience for our visitors.

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  1. Nice one Mr Masud, this is a bold move and it’s very good. A great article, I was moved by it. Keep it up.

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