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Federal Government College Idoani is a boarding school located in southwest region of Nigeria. The College occupies a large geographical area in a small village called “Idoani”. Idoani is a village in Ondo State. The people of this village are well known for their zeal for farming. These act of cultivation is one means of sustenance for the people of Idoani and a benefit for the College.

Federal Government College Idoani is known for it’s great academic excellence and performance incorcate in their student. Every student and graduates of FGC Idoani are well disciplined and serious minded people who end up becoming geniuses of their respective fields of study.

This great institution Federal Government College Idoani has been established since 1977 by the Federal Government of Nigeria. And every since then it has been administered by 17 Principals.

Below is the list of Principals and their period of stewardship.

1 Mr. Omotade, M.A 1978 – 1985

2 Mr. Olaoye, E.O 1985 – 1987

3 Mr. Akindoju 1987 – 1990

4 Mr. Ojonuba J.U 1991 – 1995

5 Mr. Adewale J.O 1995 – 1999

6 Mr. Akinwomoju, N.A 1999 – 2002

7 Mr. Omole (Ag Principal) 2002 – (Nov – Dec)

8 Mrs. Fasina (Ag Principal) 2003 (Jan – June)

9 Mrs. Abolaji A.A July 2003 – 2005

10 Mr. Aderinto T.A 2006 – 2007

11 Mrs. Fasina F.O (Ag Principal) Jan 2007 – Sept 2008

12 Mr. Ogbe R.A Sept. 2008 – Dec. 2010

13 Mall Alfa Abdullahi Jan 2010 – July 2013

14 Mrs. Adu Bolanle (Ag Principal) August 2013 – August 1st 2014

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15 Mr. Chega S.G August 2014 – 2015

16 Mrs. Oyinloye 2015 – 2018

17 Mrs. Okaliwe Eno Jane 2018 – till date 

They all did their best to ensure the College remain the best in Academic excellence. This is something we all, students and ex students will always be grateful to have as we remember the school anthem.

FGC Idoani, We greet thee, 

FGC Idoani, We love thee,

To show academic excellence, this is our goal, 

The unity of our dear nation this is our pride, 

And due respect to our government this we shall keep, 

The beauty of good behaviour we shall uphold 

We greet thee dear principal, 

We hail thee all our staff, 

And we shall always keep in mind FGC Idoani, 

Yes this will be our source of pride FGC I doani.


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