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In BRUCASBLOG , there are about 59 Poem Articles Already published. This poems were written down by three (3) brilliant persons, two from Sweet’16 set and the last is our precious guest Valerie (details about our guest will be updated soon..).

The first poet on our list is Abiola Adedoyin.

Abiola Adedoyin


Abiola Adedoyin is our first poet on the blog. She shared her first poem to the Blog moderator on the 26th of March, 2021. This poem really went a long way improving the blog lead mainly because she told the love she had for her Alma mater.

Below are the collection of her poems…

– My Alma mater
– My Dreams Never Came True
– Home Sweet Home
– Flowers are God’s gift
– My dear friend
– Rain
– Remember that the world is beautiful
– Youth
– On the fear off shore
– Evening
– It is Enough
– Sing not for me
– Old age
– Nature
– Like a Ship
– Pretty Esidamire
– The horrible mud
– Touch me not
– My love Under the Umbrella tree
– The Wandering Jews
– OH May

Her poems were really awesome and I love all of it! I know you will too.

The Next on our list is a master mind called Bob Mayor I call him the silent shooter. He’s one of the Sweet’16. Viewers who read his post were wondering who he really his because no one knows him with that name #Bob_Mayor but today we unravel his true identity.

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Bob Mayor

Ademayowa Victor also known as Bob Mayor was the second poet writer on the blog he first poem Bawl of a Drowning Soul was published on the 21st of April, 2021.

Here’s list of his poem collection…

– Bawl of Drowning Soul
– Drown and Burn
– Wounded Healer
House without Mirrors
Dear Future Self
– Love or strive
– Don’t Wake me Up
– Million Light
– Shutter Sounds
– Undermine wishes
– Mirage and Phoenix
– A Ghost and a Clown
– Phoenix
– Attainment

If you’ve checked his collections you can tell he’s a brainiac.

The last on the list his our honoured guest Valerie. Hope Edino also known as Valerie is not one of the Sweet’16 but she has contributed more to see this blog site is in right shape. She has written the most poem article published on this blog.


Her first poem was published on the 23rd of April, 2021. They are really nice!.

Here’s list of her poem collection…

– The Star and the Ignored one
– An Illusion
– Insecurities
– How love goes
– Am Female
– Bitter Sweet Memories
– Your Victim
– Deep Within
– Remember
– Secret Confession
– Strangers in the night
– Voice On the Inside
– Under his protection
– What is Love
– Three wishes
– Dare to be different
– Plan B Boyfriend
– The long way Home
– Holding on
– Friendship Lost
– I will be your Light
– Waiting for love
– Complicated Love
– Storm in my heart
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She’s great!… They all are. And we all appreciate their effort put forth.


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