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In the year 2002, a young boy named Abdulrasaq left home after the
death of his father to reside in a small town miles away from his abode. At the
age of 18 the young scholar was already an hafeez of the quran. And he will not
rest until he becomes the best among the muslim ummah [following the teaching
of the prophet Muhammed (s.a.w)].


In a small
town, there live a few numbers of Muslims with little or no faith in Islam. But
things start to change after the arrival of a young boy his name is Abdulrazaq.


October 15th,

Nanahauwa – my son, you are embarking on a very long journey
for the cause of Allah. Wallahi I your mother is so proud of what you’ve

Abdulrasaq – Thank you mom, you and dad are the best gift
Allah has given to me. After dads death I realize there’s a lot I have to do,
to make sure we all meet again happily in the hereafter and so I must embark on
this journey and propagate Islam to the other part of the country.

Nanahauwa – may Allah ease your task my dear son ( she
recite some dua’s in Arabic to pray for his son)

Abdulrasaq – Amin…. Allahumma Amin

Nanahauwa – (she entered into the house and brought out her
sons bag) I will take you to the park. Make sure u keep your belongings well and
the money I gave you.

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Abdulrasaq – (hug his mom and kiss her chicks) Allah will
take care of me and I’ll never be alone.


Nanahauwa escort her son to the nearest park and paid his fare so he
could have extra box on him. The journey from Kene to Apelle was more than
5hours. Abdulrasaq arrived at Apelle at 5pm in the evening, he tried to get an
apartment before maghrib but was already too late to carry out such search. And
so he locate the mosque.


The central mosque at Apelle was a lot more smaller than the
one in Kene. Adulrasaq tries to ask the hausa men sitting outside the mosque if
he could drop his belongings inside and past the night in there.


Mallam Jibril (Hausa man 1) – (mixing hausa with English)
Yaro, you can keep your things its safe to sleep.

Abdulrasaq – Jazakallahu Hayran.

Mallam Jibril – Yawwah…

Mallam Sani (Hausa man 2) – Wa antum. Yawwah!

Abdulrasaq – (checked his wrist watch) ohh! It’s almost 7pm.
Have they called the adhan?

Mallam Sani – No.. you can make the call once it’s 7pm and
afterwards we will pray immediately.

Abdulrasaq – okay sir. Let me perform ablution and pray Qasr
before making the call


Abdulrasaq quickly performed ablution and observed Qasr
salat. When it was time to call the adhan, mallam sani helped him to turn on
the AMP and connected the speakers. With a melodious voice Abdulrasaq made the
call. Muslims from meters away heard the call because his voice was audible and
sweet to listen to and so many muslims came to the mosque that night to observe
salatul maghrib and Ishai. The most interesting thing about it all was that
they all wanted to see who made the adhan that night and after the ishai prayer
that night the Imam called on Abdulrasaq.

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Imam Malik –  (talking
to Abdulrasaq) come here my son, sit next to me.

Abdulrasaq – (sat close to the imam) Assalamu alaykum sir.

Imam Malik – Wa alaykum salam wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh.
What’s your name my son?

Abdulrasaq – My name is Abdulrasaq.

Imam Malik – what a beautiful name. Are you from Apelle?

Abdulrasaq – No sir. I’m from Kene

Imam Malik – That’s a very far place from here. Did your
family relocate to this town?

Abdulrasaq – No sir, I came here alone and I would be
staying here for a long time insha allah.

Imam Malik – That’s nice to hear. I’m so glad to see a young
boy of your age in the mosque. Youth of Apelle have no interest in practicing
Islam. You can see the mosque is full with old people. Although few youth came
today after hearing your lovely voice and indeed this is a barakah from Allah
and I feel there’s a lot more special things in you. since you’re going to be
around for a long time as you said, I’m making you the next Muazim (the one to
make the adhan).

Abdulrasaq – (smiled) Jazakallahu hayran sir. This is an
amanah upon me. By the help of Allah (S.W.T) I will carry out the task

Imam Malik – May Allah continue to increase you in faith.
(He stood up as he prepared to leave)

Abdulrasaq – Amin… Thank you very much sir. (Masallam)

Imam Malik – Bisallam. (He left the mosque)


It was past 9 by the clock. The mosque was already dried
(everyone had left). Abdulrasaq locked the windows and the doors of the mosque,
He then locate the toilet and had his bath. It was a lovely start for him with
his new held position at the mosque he was confident in himself that he was
ready for the work of Allah.


After taking his bath, Abdulrasaq changed his cloths and
recited some verses of the quran. He also wrote down a letter about his journey
and how he was welcomed by the muslims of Apelle. He planned to send it to the
post office the next morning, so that they can deliver it to his mother. He
kept it in his bag and then rest his head on his bag and slept.


At the Middle of the
– unknown boys broke into the mosque and stole Abdulrasaq’s
belongings, they left leaving the whole doors of the mosque opened.

A lot of temptation will come unknown to him and how he will
face it is a misery that is yet to be unfold.

 To be Continued…

Written by Masud Umoru 

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